By Gary Hendry

Avid anglers know that successful fishing is all about having the proper fishing tackle. One of the most important fishing equipment that every angler should have in their fishing tackle box is fishing rods. Having the right fishing rod allows an angler to get baits and lures into the water with precision and power. Your choice of the fishing rod will largely determine whether or not you’ll get bites. Selecting a wrong fishing rod means you’ll not be able to cast your line with precision and power. Using the right fishing rods increases your chances of making a good catch and makes the activity stress-free. With the full range of fishing rods available in the market, selecting the best fishing rods can prove to be an overwhelming task. In this guide, I’m going to share tips on how to buy fishing rods.

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Do your Homework

The first thing you’ll need to do before you begin your search for the best fishing rod is to determine what you intend to do with it. The amount of fishing you intend to do will determine the kind of fishing rod to buy. If you’re a fishing enthusiast planning to catch fish on a frequent basis, it might be a good idea to select a high-quality fishing rod that will last long. However, if you’re a casual angler looking for a fishing rod you’ll use once in a while, it would be advisable to select a simple, inexpensive fishing rod. 

Size of the Catch

The fish species you’re planning to fish for will also influence your choice of fishing rods. Bigger fish species such as salmon will require that you use stronger fishing rods. But if you intend to fish for reasonably sized fish species such as bass and trout, lighter fishing rods would be an ideal choice. Where you plan to fish is another crucial factor that will determine the kind of fishing rods to buy. Angling off the dock will require a lighter fishing rod, but open ocean fishing will require sturdier fishing rods. 

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Rod Material

Fishing rods come in two materials – graphite and composite. Graphite fishing rods are quite sturdy and can be used to fish for bigger fish species. These fishing rods are recommended for standard fishing excursions. On the other hand, composite fishing rods are made of graphite and fiberglass; hence they are flexible and durable. Composite fishing rods are recommended for anglers who prefer crank baiting. 


Fishing rods come in a wide range of types and prices. Your budget will determine the kind of fishing rod you’ll get. Therefore, you’ll need to set your budget to narrow down your choices when it comes to selecting fishing rods. 

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User Reviews

When looking for the best fishing rod, it is a good idea to find out what previous buyers think of a particular type of fishing rod.  Consider checking product and user reviews on fishing websites and other related online platforms before making a choice.

Having the right fishing rod can help you get the most out of your cast. Consider these factors before you embark on your search for the right fishing rod.