By Gary Hendry

Plastic worms are arguably the most effective baits to use for fishing different types of fish. No matter the type of fish you’re angling for or the method you’re using to fish, plastic worms are one of the fishing tackle that can increase your chances of making a good catch. Moreover, plastic worms are a versatile fishing tackle as they come on different sizes, shapes, and colors. The unlimited choices of plastic worms along with the many ways of fishing these worms can make it quite overwhelming for first-time anglers. In this article, I’m going to explore the various ways to fish with plastic worms.

The following are the most common ways to fish with plastic worms. 

 The Carolina Rig

This method of fishing with plastic worms separates the bait from the weight, creating a more natural profile. This method is designed in a manner that pulling the fishing tackle causes it to make wiggly movements.  Start by sliding the egg sinker onto the line and push a brass bead behind the weight. After that, attach a swivel at the line’s end. Take a leader and fix it to the end of the swivel and finish up by tying a hook at the end of the leader. At the point, the plastic worm is ready to be tied to the hook. 

Texas Rigging

Texas rigging is another common way to fish with plastic worms in spots like human-made structures, rocks, brush, and grass. This setup is recommended for beginners who are looking for a simple setup.  Start by inserting the hook point through the bait, then back out after you insert about 1/4 of the hook point. Rotate the hook back around, so the head points back towards the bait. 

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Drop Shot

This is another effective way of fishing with plastic worms from a boat. The drop-shot setup is preferred when fishing vertically around brush and underwater debris. Start by tying a standard knot and attach it to the hook while ensuring there are at least six inches at tag end. After that, move the tag end around the eyelet so that the hook points upwards. To increase its effectiveness, you can attach a drop shot weight or a bell sinker at the bottom of the tag end.        

Shaky Head Rigging

This method of fishing with plastic worms provides a better presentation of bait and works best for deep water fishing. Essentially, a shaky head entails a hook attached to a shaky head weight, so the bait stands on end below the surface. The procedure for fishing this fishing tackle is pretty much like that of Texas rigging. 

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Wacky Rigging

This method of fishing with plastic worms creates a profile that fish cannot resist. It moves the anchor point to the middle of the plastic worm creating a profile that quickly attracts fish. To fish a plastic worm with this method, simply take a sharp hook and attach it to the middle of your plastic worm, and you’re good to go. 

I hope this guide helps you improve your fishing game with plastic worms.