By Gary Hendry

Since ancient times, fishing has been one of the most relaxing and rewarding outdoor activities. Apart from being incredibly fun, fishing is a perfect way to relax, bond with friends and family, and even catch a nutritious meal. However, to make a successful catch, you must know how to catch fish. There are many ways to catch fish, which normally depend on one’s experience level, body of water, type of fish and many other factors. Unlike in the past when anglers were limited to basic fishing techniques, new and advanced fishing methods have sprung up, providing anglers with new levels of challenge and adding fun to the sport.  

If you’re new to fishing and you’re wondering how you can catch fish, I’m going to explore some of the ways to catch fish. 

Basic Rod and Reel Casting

This is the most basic way to catch fish using simple fishing tackle. This technique is about using a fishing rod to cast a fishing line into the water, and then reeling in the line once you get a bite. This way of catching fish works in a wide range of water bodies, and it is quite simple to learn.   

Fly Fishing

Another common way to catch fish is fly fishing. Although it works pretty much like baitcasting, fly fishing involves the use of specialized fishing tackle and artificial “flies” as lures. Besides, it requires a little bit more strategy compared to bait casting. The artificial flies are designed to mimic the aesthetics and behavior of baiting organisms.


This is the most ancient fishing technique that has been used by anglers since the days of hunters and gatherers. It is still a viable way of catching fish. This technique uses pole spears, tridents, harpoon guns and other fishing tackle to catch fish. Spearfishing may take time to learn, but it’s incredibly fun when you master it.   

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Ice Fishing

As its name suggests, ice fishing involves drilling a hole on ice and baiting fish with fishing tackle.  This method of catching fish is popular during the coldest months of the year. 


This method of catching fish involves trailing baited fishing lines behind a fishing vessel. Trolling is popularly used by commercial anglers and works effectively in open ocean fishing. 

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Bowfishing works much like spearfishing and requires specialized archery equipment. Essentially, it involves shooting fish using an arrow attached to a fishing rod and reel in shallow water. The best times of the year for bow fishing are late spring and summer.

Hand Gathering

This method is a bit unique as it does not require any specialized fishing tackle. It is commonly used to catch shellfish at low tide. It simply involves picking up fish and collecting them in a bucket.


Netting involves dragging a net behind a fishing vessel, collecting all the fish in a path. This method is used exclusively in commercial fishing.   

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These are just but a few of the many ways to catch fish. The best way to catch fish will often depend on various factors.