By Gary Hendry

Fishing is the practice of catching fish from their habitats for various purposes. It can be for sport, food, or trade. Fishing originated as a way of gathering food for survival dating back to 2000 BCE. Today, fishing is one of the most popular leisure activities. Fishing is done using fishing gear which includes the fishing rod, fishing line, fishing reel, hooks, lures, sinkers, and floats.  

Fishing can be done in countless ways. You can use traps or fishing nets, catch it with your hands, use line and hook, or spear it. 

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Different Types of Fishing

Fly fishing

This is a fish catching technique whereby artificial flies are used to lure fish to a fly line. This technique makes use of specially constructed fly rods, and it’s effective for catching bass, trout, carp, and salmon, among other types of fish.


This fishing technique involves using a baited hook, line, and rod to catch fish. The hook is sometimes weighted with a sinker. Angling can be done on a boat, on the shore, or off a dock. 

Ice Fishing

This is a type of fishing that is done in winter, whereby you drill a hole through a frozen body of water to present bait for fish to bite. 

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This fish catching technique involves throwing a baited fishing line into the water using a flexible fishing rod. 


This is a type of commercial fishing whereby fishing nets are used to catch much fish at once. There are many types of fishing nets used to catch different types of fish. 


This is a fishing method done with traps whereby baited traps are sunk into the water for fish to swim into the traps but not exit. 


This fishing method involves dragging a large net through the water behind a slow-moving vessel. 

These are just but some of the types of fishing. There are many other fishing techniques such as bottom fishing, trolling, jigging, noodling, kayak fishing, and more. The list is endless.  

Fishing gear

Fishing rod

This is a long pole made of sturdy material to which a fishing line is attached and a hook at the end of the line. A fishing rod allows you to cast your line out into the water. There are many types of fishing rods to choose from. 

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Fishing line

This is a long cord attached to a baited hook that is used to present bait into the water. A fishing line is used with a fishing rod, a sinker or float to catch fish. 

Fish hooks 

Fish hooks are devices attached to lures to catch fish by either snagging the fish or impeding in the mouth of fish as it bites the bait. 

Floats and weights

Floats and weights are used to settle the hook at ideal depths to catch fish. 

Fishing reel

This is a device attached to a fishing rod used for deploying and reeling in a fishing line using a spool fixed on an axle. This device allows you to pull in a fish.  


These are artificial baits designed to perk fish’s attention. Lures use vibration, movement, reflection, color, or flash to entice fish. Types of lures include jigs, soft plastic baits, spinners, plugs, flies, and spinnerbaits. 

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Fishing is both an excellent sport and an exciting hobby for just about anyone. Better yet, it’s easier for beginners of all ages to get into this fantastic sport and hobby.