By Gary Hendry

For those who are new to fishing, it can be confusing as to which are the best places to fish. In this article, I’m going to highlight the best places to fish.


Photo of Boat Under Cloudy Sky

Lakes are another perfect water body to catch fish. Whether it’s a natural or man-made lake, lake fishing offers successful results. Some of the fish species you can find in lakes include largemouth bass, pickerel, trout, perch, salmon, and many more. 

The best places to fish in lakes include:

Sunken structures such as downed trees, branches, logs, stumps, and man-made fish habitats are great spots to fish. 

Inlets and outlets – Fish like to hang around areas where water enters or drains from a lake.  

Islands and sand bars –Sunken bodies of land that create break lines as the land slopes into deeper water are good spots to get your bait. 

Weed beds- Locate weed beds that lead to deep waters and create a break line. Sunken weed beds are also good spots to get your bait. 

Other perfect areas in the lake to fish include gradual-sloping shoreline, piers docks, walkways, and bridges, inside turns and coves, lily pads, spring holes,  points with break lines, and gradual-sloping cliffs with an underwater shelf.

Rivers and Streams

Green Trees

Rivers and streams provide fish with shade and structures for hiding from predators as well as plant food, making these water bodies ideal fishing spots. Most anglers consider fishing in rivers and streams to be more convenient as it does not require much gear, and can easily be done from a fishing boat. 

Where to fish in rivers and streams

Calm waters -In fast-moving rivers and streams, the best places to fish are backwaters because fish tend to seek refuge in calm areas.

Stumps and vegetation – Focus on areas near structures such as overhanging branches, bushes, or sunken trees as these areas provide protection and shade for fish. 

Merging currents – Areas where the current changes are good spots to find fish. 

You may also consider casting in rock piles or sandy islands.  


Ponds are a prime water body to fish.  Some of the fish species you can find in fish ponds include largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie, catfish, and bluegill. The best spots to find fish in a pond include sunken cover, weeds, rocks, submerged stumps, brushy shorelines, and rocks. You can fish in ponds from the shore using basic fishing gear or from a fishing boat. 


Person Throwing Fish Net While Standing on Boat

The open ocean offers plenty of fish for anglers, including tuna, plankton, baitfish, and many more. In the ocean, different fish species live at many different depths. Therefore, it’s important to be equipped with the right fishing gear and understand the habits of the type of fish you’re angling for. The best spots to find fish in the open ocean include:

  • Rocks, reefs, and wrecks 
  • Submerged hills and sea mounts
  • Deep canyons, continental shelf, and rock seafloor
  • Kelp forests and beds. 
  • Man-made structures such as towers and navigation aids. 

These spots provide a place for fish to hide from predators and the strong sea currents.