By Gary Hendry

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities that nearly everyone can enjoy no matter their age, income level, or fitness. Despite being an exciting outdoor activity with great benefits, very few people understand why people fish.  People do fishing for many reasons. So, if you’re wondering why do people fish, I’ll highlight the top reasons why people fish.

Great source of food

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Millions of people around the world fish for food. Fish is a favorite food for many and a great alternative to the unhealthy fast food that the world is eating today. It’s an affordable source of healthy animal protein and the most natural and healthiest food that nature offers. Fishes provide delicious low-fat, lean protein; hence, they are an excellent addition to a healthy diet. Besides, they provide essential nutrients for physical and cognitive development in children.

Source of income

Millions of people around the world do fishing as a source of income. Fish is an affordable source of protein especially in developing countries; hence, there is a huge demand for this stable. Moreover, it’s a source of livelihood for people who are employed in fisheries.   


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People do fishing as a recreational tool especially in this digital age when everyone is glued to their smart devices. It gives people a chance to detach from day-to-day work and helps to relax, unwind, and interact with nature. Water bodies provide an environment that is entirely different from your job environment. The joy of casting and catching favorite fish is way more than changing hundreds of TV channels. Nothing brings the sense of being alive like a day spent catching fish in the outdoors.  

Stay active

In this age when obesity is becoming a common thing, people participate in fishing to stay active. While it’s not a physically demanding activity, fishing ensures you get a whole body workout while doing something you love. It helps you improve your overall cardiovascular health hence increasing the quality of your lifestyle.    

Spend time in nature

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Nothing can beat the tranquility of the harmonious ecosystems. Fishing is a good opportunity to have a good time in nature and enjoy the fresh air. It helps to relax the mind and focus on one simple task – fishing. 


Some people fish to master their angling skills and achieve personal goals. The joy of making a catch for the first time gives a great sense of accomplishment. 

Social bonding

Some people do fishing as a way to spend quality time with loved ones. Whether its friends, a partner, or kids, fishing ensures you have a good time together and create lasting memories. Joining a fishing club provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.


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People can fish just fun. It’s an activity that anyone can enjoy no matter their age.  It’s one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies around the world. 

Generally, these are the basic reasons why people fish. However, some people may have personal reasons for fishing. Fishing is indeed an amazing adventure for active people, a reliable source of income for many, and a memorable hobby. You must be equipped with the essential fishing supplies to maximize your chances of making a catch.